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This match is conitnauiton of preceding one. That is why it has number"two" in it's name. And this is precisely why before enjoying it you will have to come in the code you could get only in the end of first-ever vignette so you will need to look at our website for it. Or if you're just too lazy to play with it may be you have played with it alreday but forgot the code then here is a hint to you - 24424557. As many matches from this studio you will be playing with 3D game where you need not only to follow a story except to address unique scenes as quest - you will need not only to discover busy catches sight of but also to figure out how to activate them. Based on what activity is required you will have to carry out a different deeds together with your mouse - check"how to play" tutorial for more infrmation about that. You can also use the term"duty" to receive a hint about what to do in case you get stuck.
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