"Beboobled" is clearly a parody game on another world renowned game in three-in-row- genre"Bejeweled". But because this isn't merely a parody but an erotic parody then you know that here you will not be transferring some jewels but you'll try to discover fitting boobies (whic is also quite visible from the title). Simple boobies, tanned boobies, boobies with pierced nipples, tattooed boobies - there'll be lots of them for you to love along with the more things you will find the longer close you'll be to enjoy the perspective of our sensual version's boobies - the closer you will be on the conclusion of the round the higher she will lift her up t-shirt! Game also has bonuses which you can use in different gameplay sitautions and even a leaderboard so everyone would know who is the boobie accomplished here!

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