Strip poker Harem dreams

Let Us go to the mysterious Arab East and get into the harem to the rich ruler of the lands of Turland. His harem has lots of prizes, but two of them are peculiarly beautiful. It was your mechat - getting into a harem of femmes. In this game it is possible to meet your desire. Additionally, you can even play strip poker with these oriental femmes. So look at the game display. Two beautiful women are waiting for your attention. They've got superb bod and big baps. Do you need to view them completely nude!?! To start, create a bet. After that, you must score a combination of cards higher than those of these beautiful dolls. You'll win the round, if you are fortunate. As shortly as the women have no money left, they will begin to undress and dangle chunks of clothing over the cord. By acting this manner, you can view them fully naked. Let's start the game right now.

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