cup game

Strip Crossing Cups with Cowgirl

A beautiful and buxom blonde is resting in a pub. She's somewhat buzzed so she wants some fun. You suggest her to play with a game. If she wins, you will pay her a taxi, and then the blonde will undress should you win. This game brings on"Thimbles" The principles of the game are very simple. If you guess the milky ball under almost any thimble, you will win. To start, click the button and try to embark the game. 1 thimble covers the chunk. The thimbles start to rotate. You have to see the thimble under which the chunk is located. As soon as you stop doing so, you need to decide on a thimble with a ball. Should you guessed right, you then won, and the female will undress. You have to win the game to view it entirely nude. And after that you can have fun and perverted sex with her. Would you need to do this? It's time to embark playing.

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