Penelope Darts 2

Even if you never have been a huge fan of playing darts you should try this game anyway - since here you will be rewarded with sexy 3D films starring kinky latina chick Penelope! However, to see the scene you will have to clear the darts board very first. It's pretty easy to do - just click once to make the aim run across the board and then click one more time when it will be over the locked sector. Yet in the event that you will hit on the sector that has been already unlocked you'll mek it locked again - as in real darts game precision is very important. Remove all industries and you will be allowed to make a bulls eye shot - it may be tricky at very first so don't hurry up and aim well. Once you proove that you're great with darts you may observe how Penelope is good with big hard cock! Win all levels to look at the full movie.

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Pamela Darts 2

Beautiful and buxom woman who works in the service station is tired of the work. Her name is Pamela and now she's a bitch. Instead, she determines to ease off a bit and spend some time with the client. He invites him to play with darts. If the customer wins the game then Pamela will display him a perverse striptease. Look at the game screen. You see. You have to pick the flight path of the dart to hit the target so that the sector disappears. As soon as you eliminate all sectors of the target from the screen, you will see a depraved striptease and the game moves to another level. Are you ready to have joy with jagged Pamela now!?

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