Doctor Girlfriend

Urban Voyeur

"Urban Voyeur" is a good game for those that likes visual books and non-linear stories but created with using 3D and CG graphics instead of anime style pictures. Here you will be playing as a doc who was succesfull enough to get invited on a job at private medical center in New York. After a while you'll be starting to learn more about the area and pretty shortly get involved with a lot of tricky (and fairly often also quite alluring ) situations which you were planning to enjoy only by watching from a distance. So now it is up to you to find a proper outcome of these situations in order to keep your fresh job, to get along with your co-workers and ofcourse to stay on a good side of your neighbours and friends. It sounds almost impossible to do but at least give it a try!

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Yoko Threesome

In this sport you will once more meet chesty anime redhead Yoko. Here is the dame whose bigs are so large and forms are round that the majority of th time she takes most portion of the display! Since she is a part-timing superhero she must visit physician from time to time. But just this time the doc has totally forgot about his own responsibilities once Yoko has entered his cabinet - now he can consider are Yoko's fun bags and booty only! Don't believe it? Then just check the notes he's making... as Yoko did and it has driven her insane! So mad that medic neede some help from his assistant - a few gross fat dude who turned out to become even more perevert! When it is two against you Yoko doesn't have other choices than to serve these up 2 dicks until they have known as an entire hospital personal!

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