Slut Driver

A few of the guys sure would like to work as an escort women driver. In this game you've got a chance to feel it by yourself how exactly is it. Attempt to seduce 5 distinct escort girls and find a couple of sex classes from professionals.

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Shelly: the escort girl

In this sport you will control Shelly - pretty hot girl who's also working as VIP escort tonight! But this game will not be about gender - there's some sort of story within it. Nevertheless, the main part is about sex - so if you start to be concerned then don't. The controls are fairly simple - you'll need to clickto on the screen to move from 1 scene to another, from time to time there will be active objects on the displayyou'll have to find to keep the match. As for the story - you also will be given a decision at some essential points but a lot of them will finally result in our escort slut Shelly getting fucked by big hard cocks of among her multiple customers. Game uses fairly good picture and 3d versions and you may always find more matches for this one around the programmer studio website!

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