Elf courier 0.2

If you believe fantasy settings works not only for wonderful adventures but also for wonderfull fucky-fucky joy as well then you certainly shouldn't to pass by this game. As the name promises you are likely to spend a great deal of time traveling in the most distant and dangerous lands of the magical realm. Ofcourse in your way you'll meet a whole lot of different animals - goblins, wolfs, yettis (!) And lots of other - that you very likely might have to fight with. But don't worry - that the more tbattle decorations you get the more swifter your character level will get larger... and the quicker the degree will get larger the longer alluring babes will be looking for a private meeting with you. And not only to supply you with a new project but also to give you the prize you have earned! Game has few diverse endings and most likely more are on their way.

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