lesson of passion

Alice – Erection Race

Well, in the event that you always believed that political effort can give an additional opportunity in seducing hot supporters then you are going to like that game. You will be enjoying as senator and Alice can become your sexy blonde assistant. She iis ready to do a lot to help you into this erection race. Yep, not election race - erectile dysfunction race! This is game after all. So you won't only taking dialog with different people and attempt to elevate the count of your own votes but also attempt to grab the moment where you and Alice can slink out to the hotel area and do a reall hot one on one arguments there! Sexual minigames are also included. And this could appear a mistery but even in this scenario your choices will soon be impacting your votes count - so don't screw up with Alice tonight!

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Get Me Pregnant

This Really Is Really a sory about Patricia and Tim. They were close frinds for quite a while yet they never had hook-up. Now Patricia is married and her husband is not Tim but oen of the best buddies of Tim. Are these two can have bang-out yet? They can! Because when it comes for Patricia to getting preggie it appears that her spouse isn't suits for the job... and also being a good old friend for the family how can Tim refuse to help? While playing this game you may take some variety of decisions that will direct you to one of eight (!) Different endings so this game has quite large replayability (that isn't really a secret for most game from"Lesson of Fire" series). Additionally, if you will open at least four different endings you will get acces to bonus in-game gallery!

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