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Video Sex Puzzle

This game is pretty standard for mysterygames - in the eventyou played puzzles earlierthen you probably will nothave any difficulties onthis game too! Atthemoment this puzzle has interesting moments on its own. First of all - it is a mysterythat is video game. The picture you'llhave to build inthe pieces won't be a juststill picture or even animated film- it will be real hentai cartoonwith change of programsand distinct arenas(and even subtitles! )) . Your one and only goal is to placethe puzzle together before the guy fucking the girl in the vido canget to an orgasm - thereforeyou're able to consider his endurance becauseyour time limit in this game. And ofcourse when you will addressthis puzzle you will have the abilityto seethe entirevideo from startto the finish!

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