Another Late Night at the Office 2

Being late at the workplace might indicate a lot of things really. On one sid eit means taht a person is going to need to do mor ework and become drowsy. On the otehr side that time also can be used for having calming hump with one of co-workers. Ofcourse when everybody has gone home and at the office stayd just the boss along with his hot assistant it is going to probably be the second variant of script put in movability... Angela will be the main leading lady of this game and not only she will have to determine is it good to have fuck-a-thon boss or not but she might need to face the consequences of this selection. Perform with this exploration to determine Angela's experiences . Just be sure to read"How to perform" tutorial in the primary menu before kicking off the game if you're thinking about becoming farther than the very first scene.

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Office Secretary 2

Linda is not only super-cute looking female but also responcible when it comes to doing her duites. Of course she got secertary's position at the office so briefly. Or may be it is not due to her talents in making copies of significant documents and bringing coffe to her manager in time? Well, if you'll play this game you may see exactly what everybody expect from Linda during her regular working day... After brief injtroduction scene the game will begin and it is going to consist of interactive hentai scenes. They can be considered as set of minigames since in each scene you will need to perform some ordinary actions like moving your mouse controller in directions to make the progress bar to pack up and once it is done you will get to the next scene.

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